Leaving the Camino with Gratitude

Today began with a series of goodbyes to my group as I boarded the bus with our driver Pedro (de Gomsar Autobuses) headed towards Melide. Normally in Melide for the requisite pulpo stop, today had me stopping with Pedro and ‘su mujer’ (wife) to wait for a bus that would take me expeditiously to Santiago en route to La Coruña for a Feria de Bodas (you’ll have to look that one up and I’ll leave you wondering why I am there!). But in leaving Melide and waving goodbye I found myself immediately in hills that define the beauty of Galicia and take your breath away whether you are driving, riding or walking – without exception.

Beauty of this magnitude brings my thoughts immediately to God as it is impossible not to believe in Him as you seek the evolving fall colors, blue sky and tiny dots of civilization mixed in of people who bring the land alive. A year ago today, I could not have imagined ‘taking a day’ from the Camino for any reason – personal or professional – but many things have changed in that year. So I sit thankful to be here (still on the bus) surrounded by the reds, yellows, oranges, greens and blues of Autumn and overflowing with gratitude at this life I have to escape ‘back’ to for 24 hours versus the other way around. Smiling en route to Santiago … what a difference a year makes.


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