Stimulation Instead of Survival … Manifesting a Happy Ending

My inability to write for the last six months is perhaps the most revealing indication of my daily struggle with adjusting to day-to-day life in Santiago de Compostela (or more accurately Brión, the teenytiny town located about 15 minutes outside of Santiago that I live in).   Santiago 24-hours a day is very different from Santiago for 24 hours.  This beautiful place that I walked towards for weeks in 2010 with hope and inspiration is now a place defined for me by emotions that are many times the opposite.

While I now call Santiago home for one for one of the only two reasons you would move halfway across the globe for (my reason is a once in a lifetime opportunity at love and the other would be that once in a lifetime job hehe), I still live in fear of losing my zest … and my quest for knowledge and adventure in this place that is ironically doubtful of the outside – outside thought and outside people.

Amidst that fear, I haven’t know what to write.  My book is on pause as it got ‘too personal’ and the blog, an extension of that work, fell victim to the same.  But then I got the itch.  The kind of itch that captured a specific combination of restlessness and agitation … agitation with small things like why no one here seems to care about the Olympics (another topic) and big things like why no one here seems to have any social responsibility for their neighbor.  Volunteering?  Not a term used here frequently which is something that tangibly saddens me especially when those of us who arrived here walking are inspired by the theme of Love (and Help) Thy Neighbor.

So, while I continue to be a self-proclaimed (and proclaimed by many others)  Non Walker, this six-month moment of reflection has led to a renewed energy and sense of purpose as I have two distinct options living on this side of the pond … to stimulate or to survive.  While was my first thought as to my new ‘blog brand’, as a believer of manifestation I quickly realized if I entitled myself as ‘surviving’ I would be sentencing myself to hovering at that level of existense … survival … something I have never settled for.

Enter Go Daddy.  And the biggest smile I’ve given my computer screen in a time … Stimulating Spain!  Domain available.  Back in business … STIMULATION.  The perfect title of a new chapter defined by being inspired by what I miss and focused on what I want to give … not only to the Spaniards I am surrounded by but also to those seeking to make their journey to the tomb of St. James and our beautiful cathedral as I share some of my best-kept secrets of Santiago.

So, here we go again … my figurative hiking boots are back on and I hope on days where I feel isolated from ‘the way’ and its magical fok that I can stir up a little stimulation for you and for myself.

Now … back to the Black Face (yes I said Black Face) JazzMan playing behind me now in Plaza Obradoiro who is looking at me confused because I am looking at him confused … lots of commentary to come …


5 responses to “Stimulation Instead of Survival … Manifesting a Happy Ending

  1. Sienna, it’s so good to see you back … you have been missed!

    Culture shock … you’ve taken on a whole load of it from the time your Camino began, back in the States when you first thought about it …

    I’ll certainly be watching for your future postings, but remember that you are still on the Way, and give yourself all the time and space you need to be there.

    All blessings!
    ¡Buen Camino!

    • Thank you Brian! And thank you for the encouragement … it definitely is a continuation of my journey. Many moments in my Camino-preparation were indicative of the fact that my walk would be much more than my literal one in 2010. Getting back in touch with me and will definitely be sharing … laptop is back comfortably in its mobile-home … my purse!!

      • Sienna, being right there at the end of the Camino, you can throw a bag over your shoulder — without the tech toys — jump on a bus, and head out somewhere to re-walk a section at any time … perhaps one that was particularly helpful to you … reinforcing all that the actual space of the Camino did for you. Yes, I’m jealous! 😉

        “Stimulating Spain” is a wonderful new chapter, but keep in touch with the step that brought you to it 🙂

        I am reading lots of virtual and actual books about people’s experiences in preparation for my own 2013 walk, and sharing them with a growing circle of friends who are also being drawn in by the Camino … this is all part of my experience as well.

        All blessings!

  2. Having made the pilgrmage to Santiago each year for the past three (and probably each year for the foreseeable future) I look forward to more of your stories from a city I am getting to know bit by bit

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