buen camino!!!  A truly transformational experience on one of the world’s oldest pilgrimages through Spain.  As someone who was a self proclaimed “non walker” the Camino was something I never would have imagined doing in my wildest dreams, but when I was told about it in August of 2010 I felt compelled to learn more.  Within moments of beginning to research it further I knew I would be doing it and knew I would be doing it right away.  I was on a plane to Spain the next month.

Why So Soon?

2010 marked the end of an exciting chapter of my life (20-30) that certainly evolved in an unexpected fashion – to say the least – culminating with a great 5 years in Miami.  Life, as it has been for everyone during this time, was filled with extreme ups and downs and 2010 had its share of both.  I felt I needed this time alone for closure and clarity.  2010, a holy year, is a special one in the Catholic faith – so this also seemed to indicate that it was the perfect time to do the walk.

What is a Holy Year?

A holy year is a year of renewal and an opportunity to reach the Plenary Indulgence with the grace of the Jubilee – which essentially means the forgiveness of your sins.  Read more about it at http://peregrinossantiago.es/eng/preparacion/ano-santo-compostelano/

Who did you go with?

SOLA!  Not even my iPod made the cut!

What was it Like?

It was more spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally challenging and rewarding than I could have imagined.  The walk is a metaphor for life so everyday came with tests, lessons and decisions that allowed me to really gain a better understanding of my life, myself and how I have helped or hindered my journey along the way.  Yes, it is A LOT of walking.  I didn’t like to walk a few blocks normally, so I still marvel at the fact that I walked 49km on my ‘biggest’ day.  An average day at a comfortable pace for me was about 25km, but each person finds their own rhythm and creates a routine that works for them.    With everyone wearing similar clothes, going to a sole destination and walking the same walk, you eliminate many of the factors that create barriers in our normal fast-paced existences so intense relationships form in a short period of time.  I am sure these relationships will last a lifetime.

So what now?

Once a pilgrim always a pilgrim.  We spread the word in any way that we can about the magic of the walk.  Stay tuned for some exciting news about the book we are working on that will be unlike any book published on the Camino.  2011 is only the beginning.

If you are interested in learning more about the Camino Santiago or supporting one of our projects, please get in touch!  We want to talk to you!


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