My Work

There is nothing better than sitting with someone who is describing their dream.  It is the love of this interaction that drives my business.  I have identified a global team of consultants and strategic partners who are the best at what they do.  Together, we can begin work with you as early as the “vision” phase in order to create a solid foundation through business planning and branding.  With experience in a wide blend of industries, we apply universal best practices in order to provide the latest and most cost effective strategies to our clients.


We love to talk, write, listen, share and help you do the same!  Whether it is incorporating your ideas into a strategic plan, drafting letters to potential clients, copy for your new website or a mass mailer to your 500 closest friends we are equipped to help you communicate  your message to your audience in the most clear, concise and caring manner possible.

Need some back up?  In a culture of streamlined staffs, we travel with our clients to attend meetings, conferences, networking events or anything requiring ‘human interaction’ to ensure that their presence is maximized and their goals are achieved.  We love to close deals, make connections and network and to do it on your behalf.


If we do it we love to talk about it.  Our bags are packed and we are available to come to your office, event, conference, school, girl scout meeting, church, synagogue, local prison, family picnic or party to inspire and work with your group of any size.  Some of our favorite topics are:

Turning Ideas Into Action.  Creating a Business Plan

The Way to Santiago is The Way to Life.  Applying Principles Learned on the Walk to your Day-To-Day Life.

Lets Manifest and Motivate.  A Motivational Talk about Creating The Life You Want.

Green Lights and Red Flags.  Learning to Avoid Life’s Little Pitfalls.


Need help for you or members of your team in the areas of personal and professional development?  Want to incorporate your desire for helping others with your career ambitions?  Want to talk to someone neutral about your work environment and how to climb the corporate ladder while maintaining a regard for others?  A balance coach might be your answer.  Speak to us about being matched with a coach who is professionally qualified to work with you as you establish and exceed your professional and personal goals.

What is a balance coach?  Simple!  The person who believes that it is possible to have it all and will help you manifest exactly that in your daily life.


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